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About Us

What sets us apart?

If you’re looking for quality and unique quilting supplies, new and gorgeous fabrics from around the world, and a welcoming community of fabric friends, then it sounds like you’re in the right place! One step through our door, and you’ll feel the difference. We want every time you arrive to feel like you’re walking into an old friend’s house - welcoming, bright, and comfortable. So feel your shoulders relax, take a deep breath, and get inspired to sew! 

Top 3 things that make us who we are:

Classes, fabric friends, and an atmosphere to learn for all levels of expertise - we promise, you’ll fit right in and we can’t wait to get to know you! We want Just Sew Happy to be your creative get-away. Come join us for our weekly sit-and-sew or a class. And if you have a day you just need a pick-me-up, come by to just soak in the bright color, get inspired, and make some new friends! 

Expertise & Customer Service
From machines to classes, we’re here to give advice or brainstorm about the perfect supplies for what you’ve got in mind, and we want you to know how much we appreciate you as a customer and a part of our community. Our team has years of expertise in so many areas - Pam even has more than 30 years of experience teaching sewing classes! We’re all incredibly excited to share our tips and techniques with you, and our teachers are constantly coming up with new class ideas we think you’ll love! Our hope is to encourage you to try out new projects, surround yourself with beauty, and let yourself get inspired to spend time doing what you love. 

We love sewing just as much as you do!
Isn’t it so wonderful to create beautiful things with fabric and thread? The possibilities of a new project, choosing the perfect colors and textures...then creating art that you can use, touch, and then wrap yourself and those you love up within that labor of love and artistry. We love the peace that settles into a room while stitching, and the way sewing brings new friends together to delight in bright colors, shapes, and new projects. 

How did Just Sew Happy begin?

Following the closing of a local fabric store, Pam ended up chatting with a close friend (Sheila) wondering where they’d find fabric once the store closed, and who would sell machines and accessories locally. Sheila decided, after that conversation, to talk Pam into opening a store that would do both. 

Sheila: “It took about a year to convince her! We were both still working, but I knew she’d kept thinking about it, dreaming about it. She even invited me to Vegas, thinking I’d back out...but then I was instantly hooked once I realized I’d get to hobnob with my quilt heroes!” (shoutout to Alex Anderson!!) 
Pam: “I really thought I’d scare her off, haha! I couldn’t have done this - the doors wouldn’t have opened without Sheila and David.”

After Vegas, it felt real. It could happen. And it would be a dream come true. Pam decided to write up a business plan and make it happen. The two started brainstorming names, looking for locations, and deciding on a path forward. It felt a little impulsive, but the truth was that this shop had been years in the making. 

The big leaps since that first step of deciding to open have focused on building a team that matches Pam’s passion for community and love for fellow sewists at all stages. She’s brought on new staff, but at the same time created a well-rounded family that functions as a team, each with unique skills and talents that they bring to complement one another. 

Where did our name come from?

Pam and Sheila had tossed around name after name, even typing some out in pretty fonts to see if it’d make one feel like it fit. But… none did. None of them truly felt right. Until a serendipitous morning when Sheila was out of town, visiting a quilt shop while on vacation. Her eyes caught a quilt on display with ‘just sew happy’ applied across the middle, in bright cheery colors. The truth of it struck her immediately - how she and Pam both felt ‘just sew happy’ with every step toward this store. 

Sheila: “I just knew. Immediately. And I didn’t wait even a second to call her and tell her, I’ve found it.”

How did Pam learn to sew & what does she love to create?

Pam started sewing at eight years old, on a friend’s mother’s treadle machine. Her mom sewed quite a bit, but never ‘officially’ taught her to sew...even though that’s actually how she learned. She and her brother spent hours in their mom’s sewing room, soothed by just the hum of the machine stitching, sometimes even just laying underneath the sewing table. Add up all those hours just watching her mom sew, and that’s how she learned the basics. Combine that with a love for bright color and creativity, and a lifelong passion for sewing was born. She still loves sewing at home (on her Solaris) and her favorite type of project for the moment is any type of quilting in the hoop. 

Thanks for visiting our page and wanting to learn a bit more about us and our story!