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Pleated Pillow

This video tutorial will release at 10:30AM on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18. 


Jelly Roll/2.5" Strips

14" square foundation fabric (or square the same size as your pillow form)

1/2 yard for envelope back (or at least as wide as your pillow form)

14" Pillow Form (this technique can be adapted to any size pillow form)


1. Cut the foundation fabric square to the same size as your pillow form. 

2. Prep the envelope back pieces to the same width as your pillow form. The length for each piece is adjustable, but needs to be at least 5 inches longer than half the width of the pillow form. (For 14" pillow, cut two pieces 14"x12"). Fold and press one long edge of each piece 1/2" twice to create a finished edge and topstitch in place. 

3. Organize your strips in order that you want them to be placed on your pillow.

4. Fold each jelly roll strip in half and press lengthwise. 

5. Mark a line 1 1/4" from the bottom of your foundation fabric edge. Then continue marking lines 3/4" from that line all the way up to the top edge of the foundation fabric. 

6. Using your marked lines as guides, place the raw edges of a strip along the bottom marked line (the 1 1/4" first mark). Stitch it in place 1/4" from the raw edge. 

7. Place the next strip along the next marked line, and stitch in place using the same technique. Continue until the foundation fabric is covered and all your marked lines now have attached strips. 

8. Trim the foundation fabric and attached strips back down to the size of your pillow form. Optionally, you may want to baste the faux-pleat edges down to make the next step easier.  

9. Complete your pillow by sewing the front to the envelope backing pieces, then turning right sides out, then filling it with your pillow form!



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