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Jelly Roll Race Virtual Sew-A-Long

We'll be LIVE together for a virtual sew-a-long at 7:30PM on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18. You'll be able to join the fun in our Google Meet video chat and participate live right alongside all of us! (P.S.: you can even check that link in advance to make sure your phone/computer is set up for Google Meet.)



Jelly Roll/2.5" Strips

3 FQ accent fabrics

1/3 yard inner border (cut to 1.5")

1 yard outer border (cut to 4.5")

1/2 yard binding fabric

4 yards backing



1. Trim all the selvage edges off of your strips. Stack them in the order you want to use them for the quilt (we recommend spacing out any duplicate prints, mixing up the colors, etc.)

2. Press your FQs and cut 2.5" strips. Join the strips into strip sets using 1 strip from each fabric. 

3. Cut your strip sets into 2.5" strip set slices (to create the accent piece with all three fabrics, 2.5"x6.5"). You'll need one accent piece for each jelly roll strip.

4. Chain piece your entire jelly roll stack and accent pieces by attaching them along the short (2.5") ends, alternating between a jelly roll strip and accent piece. 

5. Cut a length of your choice (we recommend around 70") off of the long strip. This will be your first column, and the length of your top without borders. Join it to the other end of the long strip. When you reach the end of the 70" piece, cut the second piece off at the same length. Repeat until you have completed the jelly roll part of the quilt top. (Alternately, you can join the long jelly roll strip using traditional jelly roll race methods...join the two ends, sew to the middle, cut, then join again, sew to the middle again, etc. until the top is complete.)

6. Complete your quilt top by adding a 1.5" border and a 4.5" border. 

7. Complete your Jelly Roll Race Quilt by quilting and binding. 

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