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Rail Fence Jelly Roll Rug

This video tutorial will release at 2:30PM on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18. 


Jelly Roll/2.5" Strips

Pre-cut Batting On-A-Roll

(optional) Jelly Roll Sasher Tool

Heavyweight (jean) needle


1. Wrap your batting on-a-roll with a jelly roll strip by folding ends to the middle, then folding in half lengthwise and sew shut. (A Jelly Roll Sasher Tool helps with this step! Having a few wonder clips handy is also helpful.)

2. Repeat with all other jelly roll strips.

3. Join groups of 10 strips together with a zigzag stitch.

4.  Slice groups of strips into blocks and rotate, then join again using a zigzag stitch. (PS - these pieces also make great trivets!)

5. Create your rug layout of choice and finish it off around any raw edges by binding using a jean needle! 

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